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          Foods for Fat Loss (FFL) Calculator            
      Kilojoule Content (per/100g) Sugar Content (per/100g) Carbohydrate Content (per/100g) Protein Content (per/100g) Fibre Content (per/100g) Glycaemic Index          
      Enter the details of a chosen food into the provided yellow cells. All yellow cells must be completed except for the yellow "Calories" cell. This is only required if you need to convert Calories to Kilojoules for entering in the "Kilojoule Content" cell            
      The Kilojoule, Sugar, Carbohydrate, Protein and Fibre content of most foods can be found at . This is the most comprehensive list of foods along with their nutritional contents.             
      The Glycaemic Index of a large number of foods can be found at . Many foods have not been tested for GI and therefore cannot be used with this calculator. First check there is an accurate GI value for the food before searching for the nutritional content            
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