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      Nutritional Questionaire          
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    1 How many equal sized meals did you have today?
    2 How many servings of vegetables did you eat?
    3 Of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner how many were self prepared?
    4 When eating grains and cereals how many were wholegrain options?
    5 How many serves of dairy did you have?
    6 How many of your main meals did you choose a low Giycemic Index (GI) option?
    7 How many servings of package snacks (biscuits, chips, snack bars) did you eat?
    8 How many servings of meat, nuts and legumes did you eat?
    9 How many 375ml servings of soft drinks, juices, sweetened milks or energy drinks did you have?
    10 How many standard drinks of alcohol did you have?
    11 How many litres of water did you drink?
    12 On how many of your meals were you hungry before eating?
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