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Nutritional Habits for weight loss

Nutritional Habits for Weight Loss - 8 week series

In the 8 week series you'll learn the scientific facts about weight loss. 

The series consists of an introduction discussing briefly the importance of both diet and exercise, along with recommendations for weekly levels of exercise. Discussions on why calories matter and why there aren't any magical diets that melt fat instead there are principles that effective diets follow

Learn why carbohydrates won't make you fat, how fibre and protein intake effect weight loss. Also discover the importance of the type of carbohydrates you eat including sugars and low GI carbohydrates. Learn about Energy Density and how it effects your total calorie intake and weight gain

Tie it together with Opportunity Fitness's Foods for Fat Loss Scale which ranks foods on their weight loss potential

The series can be downloaded by clicking the e-book image

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