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Distance Running Programs

Opportunity Fitness has created a series of running programs to help get you to the finish line. Completing a race successfully is the combined result of your motivation and our effective training programs. Our programs have been professionally designed and include weekly assessments, videos on injury prevention exercises, running drills and circuit training ideas.  There are also weekly articles on topics such as injury prevention, exercise physiology, running technique and footwear

The programs have been designed to be achievable. With the majority of other programs online recommending running distances of between 50-90km per week the average runner will only fall short of their goals. Our programs instead encourage you to run at a higher intensity and include interval and strength training sessions. Distances vary from an average of 10-20km per week for the beginners 10km programs through to 35-60km per week for the advanced marathon program. The purpose of this reduced volume is to keep you injury free but also to allow you some time in your day to live the rest of your life

Running Programs from 5km to a Marathon

The programs cover distances from 5km to a marathon. The 5km and 10km programs are 8 weeks in length and the City2surf programs are all 10 weeks in length. The half marathon programs are 10 weeks in length for intermediate and advanced and 16 weeks for beginners. The full marathon programs are 14 weeks in length for the intermediate and advanced and 20 weeks for beginners program

Choosing your running distance

Each person has strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Heavier built people with a bit more of a sprinters build may dislike marathon training, they may experience more injuries and illness. A person with higher endurance may dislike the shorter intervals and sprinting and prefer more longer slower training sessions. The main difference between the programs is the distances covered and the intensity or each workout. The longer marathon programs cover higher weekly distances at lower intensities. The shorter 5km programs cover shorter distances containing more intervals and strength training sessions. Your goals will inevitably decide what distance you chose to train over, but remember not everyone has the same body. Heavier built people with a bit more of a sprinters build may dislike marathon training, they may experience more injuries and illness. A person with higher endurance may dislike the shorter intervals and sprinting and prefer more longer slower training sessions

Choosing your running program level

When choosing your running program it is important to take into consideration your current fitness as well as your end goal. An intermediate runner who wishes to perform above his previous best may wish to complete an intermediate program of a shorter distance to raise their fitness. This program can then be proceeded by an advanced program of the selected distance. If you you'd just like to make it over the finish line alive and are after a slightly easier program you may choose to take some of the workouts from the exercise level below you're current fitness

The Beginner programs have been designed for the person who runs but does so infrequently. You need to be able to run continuously for 2-4kms or 10-20 minutes without falling to a heap on the ground. If you've had no experience running or you have a significant amount of weight to loose you may find you'll need a lead in period to get you ready for the beginner program. This is because running 10km isn't an easy task, so although it is a beginner program it's not possible to get you into 10km shape in 8 weeks especially if you're carrying some spare tires. If you cant run at all, and would like to take on a running program check out some of our other training programs, and embark on a several week lead in period ensuring you can run around 3km without stop

The Intermediate program is suitable for someone who can run 4-10km or 20 minutes plus. The intermediate program is most suitable for someone with a high natural fitness who doesn't train, the runner who has stopped for a prolonged period or the regular runner who wouldn't put themselves in the "naturally gifted" box.  

The Advanced program is for the regular runner. If you can run a distance of 10km plus without rest this is your program

Recommendations for each program have been provided in the table below. You may not fit all the criteria for a program. For example you may be a regular runner who trains 4 days per week, but you might not be capable of running 5km in 24 minutes. In this instance choose the advanced program as it best matches your training frequency. In this case the rest periods of some of the running intervals will need to be lengthened, but the program will suit your needs. Similarly if you have a high aerobic fitness and your strength training is lacking you can use the strength sessions from an easier program

Program Structure

The programs have been designed with 4-5 exercise sessions per week. These sessions follow a structure of 1 circuit/strength session, 1 interval session, 1-2 medium runs and 1 longer run. Within each week there are assessments to help monitor your progress, the assessments have a scoring system and recording sheets can be downloaded from the webpage. There are also articles on injury prevention, footwear and running physiology. A video library of the exercises will ensure you have all the tools to carry out the training sessions with correct technique ensuring you get to the race line injury free and in peak fitness

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