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  • Pectoralis Major
  • Anterior Deltoid
  • Triceps
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Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell Press is a strength developing exercise targeting the pectorialis (chest) muscle. The Anterior Deltoid and Triceps are also active throughout the movement. Dumbbell Press is safe for most individuals to perform and can be a better choice then the push up for beginners as the weight can be adjusted to ensure correct technique is maintained. Exercises and stretches need not be separated, instead if you think about the range of motion of a joint or muscle during a strengthening exercise you realize the importance of the range of motion of the exercise. In the case of Dumbbell Press ensuring the uppers arms reach parallel with the ground results in a stretching of the pectorial muscles that can be as effective as a stretching program. Taking the upper arm significantly past parallel to the ground may place excess pressure on the Acromioclavicular joint. The same advice applies to push ups, try to perform a full range of motion stopping when the arms are parallel to the ground

Pressing can also be performed on a bench, though using a swiss ball allows for the scapula (shoulder blades) to move fluently throughout making it a slightly better choice. 

Dumbbell Press Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Dumbbell Press

Keep hips elevated creating a straight line from thighs to torso

Keep your knuckles facing away from your head throughout the movement

Lower the weights until dumbbell are in line with your chest

Weight recommendations for 15 repetition Dumbell Press (kg's)
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