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Step ups

Step ups are a leg strengthening and cardiovascular exercise. At heighs above the knee the step up is a slightly harder exercise then the squat requiring more strength and stability around the knee. If the step is low the step up can be used a level 2 exercise. High steps similarly can be used in level 4 or above programs to increase leg strength and to increase the range of motion in the hip joints.

Functional Benefit

Like squats, step ups strengthen the large quadriceps (front of the thigh) muscle. The quadriceps are an important muscle when it comes to day to day activities. Generally exercises involving the legs can be used as cardiovascular training, this is also the case with step ups. Performing higher repetitions will increase the individuals heart rate and burn more calories. Use step ups in circuits with exercises like half burpees and skipping for a cardiovascular workout.

Step ups Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Step ups

Fully straighten knee of the exercising leg at the top position

Control the downwards phase of the movement

Arm and leg should move in opposites similar to a running motion

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