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Level 1 - Online Fitness Training

Kneeling Leg Extensions

Kneeling Leg Extensions are a beginners core exercise that develops strength in the erector spinae muscle whilst teaching coordination of the Glutes and Abdominal muslces. Once you feel comfortable with this exercise progress to the full superman whilst incorporating hamstring curls and single leg glute raises. From here you should be ready for more complex movements

Functional Benefit

This exercise in a starting point for those who may have weakened and lengthened muscles in the lower back due to excess sitting. It also teaches functional movement patterns between the glutes and abdominals which are important in walking and running.

Technique Tips - Kneeling Leg Extensions

Extend back leg and straighten knee

Squeeze Glutes in the extension phase

Contract Abdominal muscles to ensure your lower back does not arch as you push leg backward

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