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Level 2 - Online Fitness Training

Reverse Flys

 Reverse Flys strengthen the rear shoulder muscles, the scapula (shoulder blade) retractors and the erector spinae of the back. Rear flys are a good exercise to incorporate with presses or push ups. Rear Flys target similar muscle groups to Bent Over Rows but due to the lighter weights being used there will be less pressure on the lower back. Keeping the lower back in a neutral position is required as with rows and deadlifts.

If you find you have difficulty positioning the body for this movement go back and learn the pelvic tilt movement and practice on supermans, prone cobra extensions and hamstring curls to build sufficient strength 

Exercise Technique Tips - Reverse Flys

Ensure lower back remains in neutral position

Raise Weights on a perpendicular plane to the upper body, rather then directly up

Control the lowering phase of the movement

Weight recommendations for 15 repetition Reverse Flys (kg's)
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