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Hamstring Curls

Hamstring Curls strengthen the Hamstring Muscle with a small amount of activity in the calves and the erector spinae muscle to keep back erect. Hamstring Curls can be used with prone cobra extension and theraband rows for individuals who are unable to perform more complex movement such as Bent Over Rows.

Functional Benefit

The Hamstring Muscle has a functional roll in controlling forward flexion of the hips as seen in Deadlifts or Bent Over Rows. For this reason the hamstring is involved in a correct lifting technique and hence having a strong hamstring muscle can help prevent lower back injuries during lifting. The Hamstring Curl although not specific to lifting due to the lying down posture can still strengthen the hamstring muscle. The hamstrings are also important in running gait, breaking the forward momentum of the foot and also creating a butt flick in the swing phase of running motion. For this reason hamstring exercises should be used by runners and athletes to help prevent hamstring tears.

Exercise Technique Tips - Hamstring Curls

Keep hips high throughout movement

Balance using arms positioned by the side of the body

Perform full range of motion, beginning with leg straight, finishing with ball as close to bottom as possible

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