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Muscle Groups Stretched

  • Internal Hip Rotators (Gluteus Medius and Minimus)

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Seated Clam Stretch

Functional Benefit

The Clam Stretch lengthens the anterior gluteus medius and minimus fibres. The stretch is beneficial if you have limited external hip rotation. Limited external hip rotation is often accompanied with excess anterior pelvic tilt and tight hip adductors, therefore incorportating hip flexor stretches and adductor stretches may also be of benefit. Focussing on hip, knee and foot position during squats and lunges will also help prevent internal rotator tightness


Place your ankle on the opposing knee. Sit upright and push the knee of the stretching leg towards the ground. To increase the difficultly of the stretch sit on a lower bench, or place a small object under the foot of the leg which is in contact with the ground. You should feel a stretch deep in the glute muscle

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