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Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Functional Benefit

The hip flexors produce hip flexion when the limbs are aloud to move and anterior pelvic tilt when the limbs are fixed. Tight hip flexors are common in a society that spends hours in a seated position. Tight hip flexors can increase internal hip rotation as the psoas major and iliacus muscles are internal hip rotators. Tight hip flexors can also inhibit glute muscle activation, and the glute muscles are the primary external rotators of the hip. The hip flexors though are a functional in stabilizing the spine and they also produce the anterior pelvic tilt that is required for movements such as squats, rows and deadlifts. Balancing hip flexor strength and flexibility is important for injury prevention and movement. Stretching of the hip flexors and activation of the glutes can decrease lower back pain, decrease internal rotation of hip and over pronation and improve gait. See Stretches on this page along with quadriceps stretches and the Glute splits stretch. Also see Glute activation exercises, Double leg hip raise, single leg hip raise, swiss ball single leg hip raise, supermans, lying clams, side leg raises and side bridges with leg raises


Kneel on a soft surface, move one foot forward, creating a large gap between the front leg and the back knee. Lean back slightly and push the hips forward by contracting the glute muscle of the back leg

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