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  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Quadriceps
  • Adductors
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Step Back Lunge / Alternate Leg Lunge

The Step Back Lunge is a more dynamic version of the standard lunge. The movement places more emphasis on the back leg, as a result the hip flexors (rectus femoris, psoas major and tensor facia latae) or more active. An advantage of this movement, particularly for those with tight hip flexors is the muscles are contracted in a lengthened position. For this reason the step back lunge can be considered a dynamic hip flexor stretch.

Step Back Lunges burns more energy then the  standard lunge  as the range of motion and speed of the movement is greater then a standard lunge. For this reason the step back lunge is an effective exercise for a cardio circuit. When performed with half burpee's and crunches you have an intermediate circuit that can be performed post run, or as a challenging gym circuit.

 It is important that the upper body posture mimics that of a standard lunge. Excessive leaning forward with the torso places more load on the front leg and causes a rounding of the lower back increasing activation of these muscles. If you can't keep an upright torso, stay with the stationary lunge until you develop more strength

exercise technique alternate leg lunge

Exercise Technique Tips - Step Back Lunge

Push back off the middle of the front leg rather then using only the toes

Keep large strides ensuring back leg reaches perpendicular to the ground

Keep torso upright particularly in the leg forward lunge position

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