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  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Quadriceps
  • Adductors
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The Lunge is an intermediate exercise for developing strength and endurance in the Quadriceps and Glutes. For strength training keep the repetitions between 10-15 on each leg, for a cardio circuit workout increase reps to 15-30 depending on your current fitness level.

Functional Benefits

A strong Glute muscle is required for effective hip extension. The Glutes and hamstrings stabilize the hips when squatting and lifting ensuring which protects the lower back. Improving gluteus strength as developed in the lunge will help increase running speed and power. When performed with the correct upright posture and large stance the lunge is a functional stretch for the quadriceps muscle and hip flexor of the back leg


If you experience knee pain or the exercise is too difficult regress to the Single Leg Glute Raise, Double Leg Glute raise and the Squat


For a slightly harder version dynamic version try the Alternate Step lunge. For a higher stabilization challenge try the lunge curl, for a strength and power change progress to the jumping lunge


Technique Tips - Standing Lunge

Place your weight on the heal not the toe of the front leg

Keep an Upright Torso

Take a wide stance stretching the front of the back leg

Recommended Weights for a 15 Repetition - BARBELL lunge (kg's) Note: for Dumbbell lunge hold weights in hands by your side. Use half the recommended weights.
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