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Double Leg Hip Raise

 Double Leg Hip Raises build strength and stability in the lower back. The Erector Spinae and Gluteus maximus (bum) muscles are active throughout the movement.

Functional Benefit

The Erector Spinae muscle produces extension of the lower back. Functionally the erector spinae prevents rounding of the lower back in movements involving forward leaning of the trunk. Strengthening the erector spinae muscles with a non load bearing movement like double leg hip raises is a starting point for individuals with back pain. As muscle strength and function improves you may move to more whole body strengthening exercises such as bent over rows and deadlift. The double leg hip raise also trains activation fo the Gluteus muscles which are important in extending the hip

Double leg Hip Raise Technique

Technique Tips - Double Leg Glute/ Hip Raise

  • Push through heels and not your toes as you raise your hips up
  • Squeeze your Glutes (Bum) muscles at the top of the movement


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