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Level 2 - Online Fitness Training


The Bridge also known as the Plank is an intermediate core strengthening exercise. The exercise predominantly strengthens the Rectus Abdominis and the Obliques. The positioning of the hand make a large difference to the difficulty of the movement. See diagram and technique tips below. Bridges are best performed in an abdominal circuit containing a flexion exercise for example sit ups, a lower back exercise for example supermans and a twisting or obliques exercise for example Side Bridge.

Once comfortable with the standard bridge progress this exercise to a jacknifeSingle Leg Bridge or a standing rollaway

If you experience lower back pain during the bridge, check hip positioning to ensure hips are not to low. If not return to kneeling bridges and beginner crunches

Functional Benefit

The bridge strengthens the abdominal muscles which are important in controlling the pelvis and lower back during movement. The bridge causes the hip flexors to contact in a neutral position, making the bridge a good inclusion for those with tight hip flexors

Bridge Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Bridge

  • Keep your elbows under your chest and position your thumbs positioned below the nose
  • Keep hips down so a line can be drawn from your head to your toes
  • Lightly draw your navel towards your spine


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