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Standing Swiss Ball Roll Aways

Standing Swiss Ball Roll Aways challenge the rectus abdominal muscles. As the Swiss Ball is rolled away from the body the abdominals contract to prevent the lower spine arching. The obliques are active to help stabilize the body. In the starting position you can vary the positioning of the arms on the swiss ball to control exercise difficulty. For a more advance version place the ball on the wrist end of the forearm. For an easier version place the ball close to the elbow.

Standing roll aways are particularly challenging in the extended position for this reason ensure you need to be able to can perform the bridge and kneeling roll aways movements comfortably before progressing to this exercise.

Pre-Fatigue the abdominals with a sit up movement such as swiss ball crunches prior to performing roll aways creates an effective abdominal circuit

Swiss Ball Roll Aways Technique

Exercise Technique Tip - Standing Swiss Ball Roll Aways

  • Draw your navel in and contract your abdominal in the outstretched position
  • Keep your hips down ensuring a straight line can be drawn from head to toe
  • Perform the movement in a controlled manner
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