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Kneeling Swiss Ball Roll Aways

Roll aways are a version of the bridge movement that requires added stability through the core. Roll aways are a progression from a standard bridge, and require more coordination between muscle groups. Use the position of your hands to change the exercise intensity. Placing your forearms on the ball is the ideal starting position but you can progress the exercise by placing your wrists on the ball.  

Functional Benefit

Swiss Ball Roll Aways target the rectus Abdominals without the engaging psoas major (hip flexors) this makes it a beneficial exercise for those with tight hip flexors. Combine the exercise with an appropriate level of sit up for a strength building circuit for rectus abdominals

Kneeling Role Aways Technique

Technique Tips - Kneeling Swiss Ball Roll Aways

Keep hips aligned so that a line can be drawn from your head, through the waist to the pelvis

Focus on contracting abdominals and drawing navel in, in the extended (ball rolled away) position

Perform slow and controlled movements

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