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Single Arm and Leg Bridge

The Single Arm and Leg Bridge requires strength through the obliques and rectus abdominis. To progress to the single arm leg bridge practice the single leg bridge along with both oblique and standard jacknifes.

Functional Benefit

The obliques and abdominals are involved in sporting and day to day movements that involve rotation and flexion of the torso. Strengthening these muscles can aid in trunk stability and help prevent injury. The hip flexors are contracted in a lengthened position in this movement which can be beneficial in individuals with tight hip flexors. If this movement is too difficult the single leg bridge with both elbows on the ground will have the same effect with less emphasis placed on the oblique muscles

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Arm and Leg Bridge

  • Keep your hips square and avoid rotating  your torso
  • Keep your hips down ensuring a line can be drawn from your head through to your feet
  • Place your supporting arm close to your midline to aid with balance
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