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Swiss Ball Sit ups

Swiss Ball Sit ups isolate the rectus abdominis muscle. The Swiss Ball increases the abdominal activation required for the crunch. Keeping the ball stationary ensures the abdominal muscles not the hip flexors are active. Individuals with tight hip flexors or an excessive lordosis (lower back arch) should be careful of the position the swiss ball places the lower back in. These individuals may be better performing a standard crunch and working on hip flexor stretches and exercises such as alternate leg lunges and planks to lengthen the hip flexors

Functional Benefit

Performing abdominal strengthening exercises is important for lower back function. Exercises that isolate the abdominal rather then the hip flexors are of a benefit with individuals with tight hip flexors. Swiss Ball crunches are best performed in a circuit with a bracing exercise such as Swiss ball roll aways, jacknifes or a bridge

Swiss Ball Sit Up Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Swiss Ball Sit ups

Place ball in arch of lower back

Keep Swiss Ball stationary by crunching through abdominals rather then sitting up by pulling the ball back

Stop when torso reaches 45 degrees to the ground

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