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Single Leg Hamstring Curls

Single Leg Hamstring Curls strengthen the hamstring muscle on the back of the leg. The hamstring muscle is involved in running gate; eccentrically it contracts to slow the forward motion of the lead leg and concentrically it contracts to raise the back leg from the ground and pull the foot up behind the backside. Training the hamstring with a variety of movements can help improve running speed.

The Hamstring is also important in lifting movements. Strengthening the hamstring with lying exercises such as hamstring curls can be beneficial to individuals with lower back pain who are yet to progress to hamstring exercises such as bent over rows or deadlift which place more pressure on the lower spine

Single Leg Hamstring Curl Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Hamstring Curls

In extension phase raise hips to in line with your torso, keep hips elevated to this position throughout the exercise

Stop extension just prior to leg straightening

Perform slow controlled repetitions

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