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Single Leg Deadlift

The Single Leg Deadlift is an advanced exercise that requires both core stability and strength in the hamstrings and upper back muscles. In comparison to the standard deadlift the single leg variety places more emphasis on the hamstring muscle. The pelvis tilts due to the trailing back leg, resulting in a larger stretch and activation through the hamstring. Its important that the lower back positioning mimics that seen in a deadlift or a squat. Rounding of the lower back decreases hamstring activity and places the erector spinae under load compressing the spine. Ensure as with all lifting movements that technique is maintained and the lower back is protected

Functional Benefit

For individuals with tight hamstrings this exercise can be beneficial as an active stretching exercise. Sprinters or individuals in sports involving kicking and high end running speed experience large forces through the lengthening hamstring. Strengthening the hamstring through the full range of motion can prevent hamstring tears. If performing hamstring curls on a regular basis, ensure hamstring stretches and exercises such as deadlifts or single leg deadlifts are performed to strengthen the muscle in a lengthened position

Single Leag Deadlift Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Deadlift

Keep Neutral position with lower back whilst focusing on contracting hamstring muscle

Keep Shoulders back particularly at the bottom phase of the lift

Keep weight close to shins thought-out movement

Weight recommendations for 15 repetition Single Leg Deadlifts (kg's)
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