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Toe Points / Reverse Crunch

The toe points or reverse crunch is an intermediate abdominal exercises aimed at activating the rectus abdominals. The goal of the movement is to minimize hip flexor activation, for this reason the legs are not lowered to the ground but instead stop perpendicular to the ground. Reverse crunches can be used before planks/bridges to pre fatigue the muscles increasing the difficulty of the bridge

Functional Benefit

The abdominal muscles are important in maintaining correct posture. Weak abdominal can lead to an increased arch (lordosis) in the lower back. This when combined with tight hip flexors can cause lower back pain. Performing crunches, bridges, toe points and hip flexor stretching can prevent this occurring. Runners can typically suffer from this due to the increased hip flexor activity relative to abdominal strength

Technique Tips - Reverse Crunch

Keep Legs Straight throughout the movement

Focus on contracting the abdominal muscles

Use slow controlled movements, lightly touching the tail-bone to the ground


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